Saturday, March 19, 2016

Student Reflections: Ana (on Friday)

After the farm, we took a bus to the Chilamate school. There we were greeted by some of the first grade children of the school. They came out on to the wide grassy lawn outside the school and we played "paranoia," a game where you put a bandana so that it sticks out of your shoe, and if someone steps on it, then you have to stand still on your bandana, but if someone comes by, you can try to step on their bandana and thereby get back in the game. The Costa Rican children were undaunted by the fact that we were taller than them and sneakily managed to get many of our bandanas. After that, we translated the “We are riding on a pony” game into Spanish and played it with the Costa Rican children. We finished with a very heated game of soccer. We made two big teams and then played a huge and crowded game of soccer with lots of cheering. After playing, we went to work painting the playground of the Chilamate school and fortifying a concrete wall. We were especially focused on painting a barrier to keep snakes out and some tables. We were very happy at the end because the playground is now very colorful. – Ana