Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Student Reflections: Kira


Our last day we worked on the Chilamate school. We painted the barriers of the auditorium, and we fixed the concrete barrier that keeps the rain from getting into the auditorium. We had some trouble getting started with the project because of all the rain that kept pouring down. So while we were waiting we heard the story of the work that has been done in Sarapiqui in the past. For example, we heard about the budget of the schools in Costa Rica. Most of the schools get money according to their number of students. Schools with less than 500 kids can't invest any money or time in the arts or sports. The parents of the school try to raise money to invest in the arts and sports. Some of the money that BC has raised went towards buying a SmartBoard for the classroom and wifi for the school. The World Leadership School helps with the projects for the schools. We raised money to pay for the projects we worked during the trip. We raised almost $8,000- $5,000 of which went to the Chilamate School and the rest went to La Linda Vista School. We also learned that 60% of the money we raised went towards the materials and 40% of the money we raised went towards the work force. Although some of the money we raised went to workers, some people in the community volunteered to help out. Without all the help from everyone that donated money and time, we wouldn't have been able to do anything for the community. So, thank you to everyone who helped. Our work was extremely helpful for the people of Chilamate.