Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Student Reflections: Maris

Monday night: everyone is packing and bringing their things together, saying thanks, and getting ready to go home the next morning. However, before our departure, we have a wonderful party with our host families and the community.

There is music and dancing, and there are performances by four young girls who kicked off the dancing that night. Next, the people from our group, danced to several songs as a group. Brianna displayed a great dance performance and rap. Floria also rapped for everyone attending the party.

We ate dinner, and had arroz y leche for desert. A special thanks went out to those who helped cook, prepared the party, and cleaned the dishes.

Next, we all said our goodbyes and hugged everyone. We walked home with our friends and host families for our final night together, and continued to pack for the next day.
  - Maris