Sunday, March 20, 2016

Student Reflections: Ashley (from Saturday)

It has been four days with our amazing homestay families; even with such short time, Kira and I have gotten so close with our family. I can clearly remember back to four days ago, when I had butterflies in my stomach to meet a new family that spoke only Spanish. But all of the jitters disappeared when my homestay mother, Digna, greeted me on the first day. Digna greeted Kira and me very warmly with a big smile and “Pura Vida”, a widely used Costa Rican term. I was greatly surprised with the immediate hospitality from my homestay family. I was even more surprised by the incredible cooking; I would pay dollars upon dollars for the food, honestly. I would never have expected to become so close with a family from another country with such ease. I am truly so happy to have gotten the opportunity go to a beautiful country and be hosted by a kind and caring family. - Ashley